Souji ... that guy is almost one with his sword ... he's the real deal.


Souji wielding Shinojika
General information
Birth Name Souji
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Affiliation Seven Sheaths
Weapon Katana (Shinojika)
Status At school

Souji is a member of the Seven Sheaths.


Souji is extremely reserved, and usually leaves the talking to his partner, Shinojika. In fact, the only word he has said so far was "Damn!" after Harumi Morisaki and Mana forced Shinojika out of her katana form.


Souji is a rather handsome young man around Haru's age. He has white hair and blue eyes. His appearance changes with the setting he is in.

In his first appearance and during the attack at the hospital, Souji is seen with slick, straight hair. He wears a white fur coat, and his eyes are shaded by his hair.

However, after he and Shinojika leave the Seven Sheathes, Souji takes on a considerably less "evil" look, with a less intimidating appearance and spiked hair.

When Shinojika and Souji meet up with Kaori, he has his spiky hair, but he dons a leather jacket and a white shirt. He is seen in his hospital gown after he is injured by another samurai.

In XBlade Cross, Souji is seen in a blue jacket and a black turtleneck.


Souji first appears to kill Fujimaru, who had gotten into a disagreement with the other members of the Seven Sheaths. When Haru intervened to save Fujimaru, Kris Kusakado attempted to break Shinojika with Braydock Rusher, but Souji evades her and retreats.

Battle at the HospitalEdit

He later appears at the hospital in order to continue his mission on killing Fujimaru, this time having Shinojika pretend to be a nurse to change Fujimaru's sheets, while Souji hid underneath some sheets. Upon entering Fujimaru's ward, he immediately recognizes her and Souji reveals himself, turning Shinojika into his sword. However, Haru was in the room with Fujimaru, and Mana was still in the hospital.

Fujimaru noticed that Souji wasn't aiming to kill Haru, and suspects that Souji had been told not to kill him. When Haru and Mana manage to overpower Shinojika and force her out of her sword form, he retreats, stealing a guard's jacket and jumping down to the first floor.

Entering the SchoolEdit

After Kris leaves Haru, Shinojika is seen watching her, commenting on how there was a Crusader in the school. She then mentions how she has always wanted to go to school, and turns to Souji, who takes a bite out of his food.

When Sakura invades the school and attacks, Shinojika tells Souji that Haru will most certainly die due to his hesitation to attack Furusawa, who had become Sakura's sword. After they cut off Kazunari's arm, however, the tables turn; Mana, who had been hesitant to attack Furusawa due to their friendship, is enraged, while Furusawa becomes hesitant because she hurt her classmate. In their rage, Haru and Mana cut down Sakura, much to the surprise of Shinojika and Souji.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Metamorphosing Guardian Blade Wielder: Souji wields Shinojika, who turns into a katana. His relationship with her is unknown.